About Us

A brief history

Bromley Independent Grammar at Wickham Court was the ancestral home of the Heydon and Boleyn families since the 15th century.  The oldest part of the current house dates back to 1469, when Henry Heydon built his house at the height of the Wars of the Roses and its fortifications resemble more of a castle than a manor house.

The house is thought to have been the backdrop to King Henry VIII’s proposal of marriage to the enchanting Anne Boleyn – future mother of Queen Elizabeth I.  Our west window of the keep still contains a piece of glass depicting Henry and Anne’s Coat of Arms.

The rich history within our walls provides a wonderful environment for your child to learn in and flourish.  The spacious school grounds contribute to an important part of our students’ education as we understand that learning must go beyond the bricks and mortar of the classroom.

It is a privilege to have our school at Wickham Court, as in the past five centuries, it has been the setting for many historic events and a place dedicated to the highest order of human aspiration.  The sights and sounds of students learning and playing, means that the school, in a small way, is making its own history.

Why Choose Bromley Independent Grammar School?

It is our vision to guide each student on a global journey towards becoming a mindful leader who is well equipped to define themselves and their future lives and to inspire global leadership through transformational education.

We believe in teaching the whole child and we’re aware that each is special in his or her own way and they all possess talent. That is why, throughout our admissions process, we seek potential and promise. We focus on creating a learning environment where the student feels valued and respected, where they feel their opinion matters and where they are empowered to grow.

By the time they leave Bromley Independent Grammar, our students are confident in the choices they make, and are able to embark on a personalised educational track, making their own decisions regarding their future studies and professional development.

Our teachers are all actively invested in our students’ success, and we are carefully guiding their way, mentoring them on the path to personal success. Positive and open communication with parents is essential in this process and we are proud to say that our community is now stronger than ever.

Our teachers are prepared to encourage independent reasoning, critical thinking and successful learning skills to ensure all students achieve their full potential. Our great student to teacher ratio facilitates interactive lessons, personalised feedback and adaptive teaching and learning. We go above and beyond in being supportive and caring while delivering outstanding educational opportunities for all our students.

We strongly believe that excellence in education may be achieved only through a partnership with the parents which is why we provide multiple communication channels to parents in our community and ensure that we take into consideration their feedback and concerns.

Testimonials & Reports

Sometimes the best way to find out about a school is to read or hear what people outside the school have said.

Our most recent report is The Office for Standards in Education’s (Ofsted) report from May 2017 (under our former name of Wickham Court). We achieved an overall judgement of ‘Good’ in all areas. As you are no doubt aware, Ofsted inspections are renowned for being robust and there has been a great deal of publicity recently about the tougher, more forensic approach being taken by inspectors. As a school we are not complacent and we are always trying to improve, but we are very proud of our fine school; the report can be downloaded here.

What our parents say