How to apply


Admissions Overview

We understand that choosing the right senior school is an important and sometimes complex decision for both parents and children. You will be supported in this by our highly experienced Admissions Team who will be there to answer any questions and help you navigate anything that is unfamiliar and provide guidance and reassurance during your admissions journey.

Everyone at Bromley Independent Grammar works hard to create an exciting, stimulating and caring environment to ensure each child reaches their full potential. Each September, we welcome 14 new students to join the school in Year 7, becoming part of a vibrant and diverse community of lifelong learners, leaving us as young men and woman, well-equipped to meet the challenges of their lives beyond the school.

The information on these pages offers an overview of the application process and provides an outline of each entry point. Most students join in Year 7, however, a few places occasionally become available further up the school. All those who wish to join the school must take entrance exams and these take place at various times -depending on the year group of entry. 

To register your child for Year 7, an Admissions Application Form (available at the school) must be completed and sent to us with a £100 registration fee – this must be signed by both parents. When we receive this, we will look to arrange a suitable date for your child to complete our entrance assessment and attend an informal interview with our Headmistress.

If you would like to consider a place at Bromley Independent Grammar School, we suggest you visit us first to gain a sense of all that our school can offer. We would be delighted to meet you and hope to be able to welcome you soon.

If you have any further questions about the school or the admissions process, please contact our admissions secretary on or 020 8777 2942.

Admissions Process


Visit the School

The admissions journey usually begins with a visit to the school as the best way to get a feel of the environment is via a personal tour or one of our termly open events.

Request a Visit here.


Arrange an Entrance Exam

Once you have completed and returned your registration form, we will get in touch to arrange for your child to sit our entrance exam and attend an informal interview. We will be happy to discuss this with you, and if you have any questions, please contact us.


Complete a Registration Form

The next step is to complete a registration form once the registration fee has been paid. The registration form can be obtained from our school office by emailing us at or calling us on 020 8777 2942


Confirmation of Place

After your child has completed the entrance exam, and we feel Bromley Independent Grammar is the right fit, we will be in touch to offer your child a place.

Entrance Examination

All students entering at 11+ will be asked to take an entrance exam. This will be held in September of the year of entry, but may be available to take all year-round, subject to the availability of places.

Applicants will sit English and mathematics tests, after which each applicant will be invited to an interview. The exams are designed to identify those whose potential exceeds current ability. As well as formal exams, the students are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of lessons such as science, design technology, fencing and PE. The selection process aims to be sensitive and caring towards every applicant.

The Interview

Following the entrance exam, each student will be invited to attend an interview, and from this, the final selection will be made. Interviews are friendly and informal as we wish to ensure that you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, that you are hard-working, mature, and ready to take full advantage of all the opportunities that BIG provides.

We encourage students to bring in exercise books from their current school and a piece of work of which they are particularly proud to show to the Head. The interviewer will refer to the student’s questionnaire so we can ensure that each student can follow their own interests at the school.

Obviously, your academic record is important and we have high educational standards to maintain, but this is not the only criterion for selection. Above all, we need to feel that you are going to make a positive contribution to our community. We are looking for boys and girls with real potential and drive to become intellectual, inspired and independent learners. We want them to have the desire and ability to contribute broadly across the curriculum so they can develop fully as individuals.

The interview is an informal affair and is a chance for students to get to know Bromley Independent Grammar as much as it is for us to get to know you. If your child performs well in the entrance papers, and we believe they have the personality and character to thrive in our environment, then you will receive written confirmation of an offer before the end of February.


Our fees include many costs associated with providing a thorough education for the students at the school, including teaching, use of school books and equipment, stationary and other materials. Other expenses are normally restricted to uniform and voluntary school camps and trips.

Please explore our fees in full below. Fees are likely to increase each year to keep pace with the rising costs in education.