Fees Overview

Our fees include many costs associated with providing a thorough education for the students at the School, including teaching, use of school books and equipment, stationery and other materials.

Other expenses are normally restricted to uniform and voluntary school camps and trips.

Please explore our fees in full below.

Description Fee
Years 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 £4,398.00
Registration Fee £100
Deposit (refunded on first terms fee invoice) £1,000


A 5% reduction is given on tuition fees for the second child

Years 10 and 11 examinations fees billed separately.

All fees are payable on or before the first day of term. Fees are paid by monthly Direct Debit, cheque or credit card. A 2% charge will be made for credit card payments. A pupil may be excluded from the school at any time when fees are unpaid. See FEES POLICY for further details.

A full term’s notice of removal must be given IN WRITING on or before the first day of term prior to the leaving date and an acknowledgement received or payment of a full term’s fees will be required in default of such notice. Half a term’s notice must be given in writing to commence or discontinue optional subjects. Written receipts of letters giving notice will be issued within one week.


Fees are likely to increase each year to keep pace with the rising costs in education.