Sports for Schools

The whole school joined together to take part in the Sports for Schools Scheme.

This all began with our pupils completing a range of circuit training activities. It was wonderful to see so many students pushing themselves to achieve their best. We were then treated to a very inspiring talk about the journey Peter took in order to compete at the 2021 Olympic games. He explained the importance of setting goals and that although beginning from ground zero can be hard with day by day and step by step progress, your goals can be achieved. He very much impressed on students the idea that, “I can not do it YET.” He also explained how he used this mind set to help him come back from a severe injury.

The learning did not end there. We were then shown the three main moves in Volley Ball: dig, set and hit. We even got the chance to try these out!

It was such a wonderful experience with lots of key messages for the students to consider.