A Visit to the Theatre

On Tuesday 10th September, I accompanied Year 11 and Year 10 students to an evening theatre performance. We saw Stephen Daldry’s famous production of the classic play “An Inspector Calls” by J B Priestley. We were lucky to secure tickets for this popular show at The Churchill Theatre in Bromley, before it goes off on a national tour. The students have just begun studying this play in English lessons and will sit an exam on it in GCSE English Literature. It is an excellent production which explores ideas about class and responsibility as a wealthy Edwardian family dramatically falls apart as, one by one they are forced to face up to their crimes against an innocent, poor young woman.

Some characters learn to take responsibility for their actions and others fail to do so as the lessons of History and the horror of the First World War face them dramatically. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the show, which has been revived again after its hugely successful National Theatre run; the revolutionary staging of the show, which climaxes with the explosion and collapse of the family’s house on stage, excited and shocked our students.  The behaviour of our Year 11 and Year10 students was absolutely impeccable, they gave the performance their whole attention and I am sure they all gained a huge amount from the experience.

This live theatre experience will undoubtedly give them an edge when they come to write their exam essays on the play. We hope to organise more theatre visits for other students in the school very soon. Thank you to Ms Britton for organising the trip and to Mrs Kendrick for supporting the students