Bromley students raise cash for wildlife affected by Australian bush fires

About Bromley Independent Grammar School

The students of Bromley Independent Grammar School at Wickham Court School in West Wickham have been raising money for the wildlife affected by the Australian bush fires.

The head of history at the school, Alana Britton, from Sydney, returned home in the Christmas holidays and saw the devastation at first hand.

On her return, she spoke to all the students in assembly about the dangers for wildlife and the students decided they wanted to send money to Australian wildlife charities to help the Koalas and the other animals affected.

The students have been collecting coins and loose change in buckets for the past week, and so far they have raised more than £290.

Another teacher at the school, Linda Clarke, contacted her old school friend Paul Nelson and his wife Karen, who have been living in Australia for more than 30 years, to tell them about the students’ fundraising initiative, and Mr Nelson agreed to donate a sum to match whatever the students raise at Wickham Court.