Enrichment at B.I.G

Senior School, Enrichment at BIG

At Bromley Independent Grammar we aim to offer our students an enriched curriculum beyond the classroom. We want the children to take up an increasing range of opportunities to experience places, ideas, cultures, and challenges which will not only complement their academic studies, but which they will benefit from and remember for their whole lives.

We are also very excited to be launching The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, offered for Year 9 and 10 students after Christmas. This is an incredible, world-recognized award and a life-changing challenge, which we will be running in partnership with our sister school Sackville School in Tonbridge. More on this soon.

There are also visits to The Globe Theatre and, of course, our whole-school residential visit to Normandy in the pipeline. The more of these opportunities the students can take part in, the more rounded, cultured and enriched young people they will become.