On Friday 5th July we saw the students head off to Danson Park in Bexley. This day was a chance for the students to spend time with each other outside the classroom, develop team work skills and try out, for some, a new sport. It was the perfect weather to enjoy a day on the water. We received compliments about our students behaviour and would like to thank all the staff who went, ensuring the students had a fabulous time.  Nasen writes: This trip was a good trip because we did different activities including Kayaking, sailing, and Bell Boating. This trip was a good experience as we learned how to work together as a team and communicate with each other. 

The first activity we did was kayaking individually which was a bit hard at first but eventually got easier……. After lunch we did the final activity which was Bell Boating. This was my favourite activity of the trip as we worked as a team. This took nearly 1 hour as we sailed around the lake and back. I had a great time. Lewis felt the Danson Park trip was inspiring  and is keen to do something similar but different next year.