Spectacular Science

Last week the whole school took part in activities to celebrate British Science Week. It was a fantastic opportunity to engage children in a vital subject and encourage the scientists, engineers and inventors of the future. Our Science Co-Ordinator, Mrs Nadeem and Science teachers, Mrs Elkhatib and Mrs Baffour worked hard to plan a fabulous week. We would also like to say a huge well done to the children and their families for such an enthusiastic response to their homework challenges and support given.

To begin our exciting week of Science we kicked off with Year 9 crushing cans using water pressure. We then went on to investigate the different colours used to make Skittles sweets with Reception and Year Eight. On Tuesday, we started by investigating the colours in skittles sweets with Year Seven before enjoying some of the flavoursome treats! Next, we held a competition for Year Nine to design a 3D structure that would float and carry the most mass. Well done to Khwaish and Clarisse for winning our challenge.

On Wednesday, Year 8 made hydrometers and tested them. “A hydrometer is an instrument that measures the density of different liquids,” the students explained.  “It is used to test the water content of milk and beer as well as testing car batteries and wine.” Students spoke about the density of different liquids and finished off by analysing results and discussing conclusion. Later, Seniors challenged Years 1 and 2 to build a structure that floats on water, again discussing densities and what makes things float.

Thursday started off with a challenge for the Seniors ( years 10 and 11) and Ms Britton. Everyone was asked to share ideas to plan and design a bridge to carry the maximum weight. After lots of thinking, planning and designing, many different structures were made. Well done to Sophie, Adeline, Emilia and Yaf who won the Senior student’s challenge and their structure held 1400g. 

In the afternoon some of the Prep school also took part in the challenge and they displayed excellent teamwork and communication skills. The winners managed to design a structure which held more than the seniors design. Well done to Kester and Jack’s group as their structure held 2400g. Throughout the day there were outstanding displays of excellent planning, teamwork and communication skills.

To finish off a very busy week, we had a visit from the and enjoyed taking part in a variety of workshops. Unfortunately the rocket launch at the end wasn’t successful, but that’s the nature of science experiments. We are so proud of all the children who took part and showed great enthusiasm.