Our School

Academic Life

Although our learning takes place within a 15th Century building, our approach is determinedly progressive and designed to equip students with the skills to thrive in the challenges and changes they will face in their futures.

Bromley Independent Grammar is committed to being co-educational.  Life is co-ed, university is co-ed, and we feel strongly that school should be no different.

Our classrooms are structured to sit 14 students per class around a Harkness table.  The Harkness Method is a teaching and learning approach whereby students sit in a boardroom style and discuss ideas in an encouraging, open-minded environment, which encourages active engagement and participation.  We aim to develop self-driven learners with the character necessary to succeed.

Students are keen to learn because they feel valued and respected.  Our broad curriculum and co-curriculum provides individuals with the opportunity to demonstrate their academic capabilities, creative talents and entrepreneurial spirit.

The Arts

As we encourage our pupils in the pursuit of knowledge, we also recognise that they need a variety of ways to both explore and express themselves. Involvement in drama, art and music sparks creativity and innovation in many areas of life as well as building our pupils’ confidence. Engaging in the Arts has a positive impact on pupil’s all-round academic performance, improving both their interest in other subjects their results.

The Arts

The art and Design department provides students with the opportunity to prepare for success at GCSE. A huge variety of artistic media are available to pupils from painting and drawing to digital design and photography. We are committed to developing our pupils’ and equipping them with the knowledge and flexibility to excel at GCSE and beyond.


Creativity, imagination and experimentation are central to Drama at Bromley Independent Grammar. Creating an environment where students think outside the box, make mistakes, have a voice and feel valued is essential. We are very proud of our long tradition of Drama and have over the years produced a great number of successful stage productions, musicals and Christmas shows. The department aims to develop not only a student’s practical skills but also their appreciation of the social, cultural, historical and political context of theatre.


Music has always been a very important part of life at BIG. Pupils are encouraged to learn and participate as fully as possible in concerts and events, whatever their ability or taste. We aim to provide an environment that stimulates a love for music. As an academic subject music connects uniquely with so many other disciplines and this is reflected in its popularity as a GSCE option.


We strive to provide our students with a rich and varied life outside the classroom. At Bromley Independent Grammar we provide a variety of sports for our students to learn and practise over the academic year, including swimming, football, basketball, cricket, badminton and table tennis, to name just a few.

Fencing is particularly popular with our pupils and it is easy to see why it is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. There is always much excitement leading up to these lessons and it is a fun way to develop all round fitness, flexibility and self-confidence.

In addition to the health benefits of regular exercise and the enjoyment our pupils find in playing sport, we also know that our sport programme provides pupils the opportunity to gain important life skills. Qualities such as time-management, determination, commitment and initiative can be developed through competing against other individuals and teams. In addition to learning how to be both gracious winners and good losers.

Young Leaders

Our activities provider, Shaw Sports run a very successful Young Leaders Programme. This offers all students from Year 7 upwards the opportunity to apply to train as a Sports Coach, while assisting with the organization, planning and supervision of the sport activities.

Included in the Young Leader’s Programme is training to be a motivational speaker, visiting other schools to inspire young people to become active and passionate about their interests.

Pastoral Care

The health and wellbeing of our pupils is an integral part of BIG at all levels and the structures we have in place are continually assessed to see how they can be enhanced.

Pastoral care is key to success in school. We seek to provide an environment for learning that is safe and secure; one that is aesthetically enriching, and one that enables all pupils to reach their full potential through a dedicated staff and excellent facilities. We believe that small classes and individualised attention for all our pupils is essential for learning to flourish and we recognise that education is very much a partnership between pupil, school and family. We look on every child as an individual and they are central to everything we do.

A long term view is taken of each student’s development. Great emphasis is placed on developing character, resilience, ambition, good manners and empathy. As your child becomes older, they may face personal challenges alongside academic challenges. By operating a school which allows for safe, comfortable relationships between staff and pupils, we encourage an open school which means that your child knows they are respected and listened to by their teachers. Supporting our students to develop the skills needed to meet life’s challenges.

We are proud to be a multi-faith community with a moral core to what we do. We treat our students as individuals within a warm and nurturing environment where we develop a sense of community, within and beyond the school.

Food & Nutrition

Our experienced catering team serves hot lunches every day to all students producing all food on site. Food is nutritious and varied. It helps students maintain attention in class and supports their physical and mental development. Our chef caters for vegetarians and children requiring special diets for specific medically proven conditions and ensures our food respects a range of religions and cultures. Pupils and parents frequently comment on the quality of the food we serve and pupils especially enjoy the kindness and thoughtfulness of the catering staff.

Please click on the link below to view our current Senior School menus.