Sixth Form

Bromley Independent Grammar Sixth Form

We opened our Preparatory School in 2002 and welcomed our first Year 7 students in 2006. Our ethos of small classes and individual attention has served us very well as we are now successfully teaching to GCSE level, with excellent results. The final stage in the development of the school is to offer the same excellent experience to those wishing to study at A level. Below is what you can expect from September 2021.

Academic Studies

The Sixth Form is an important stage in a student’s education. Students can choose their own curriculum, select subjects which match their own interests and abilities and take charge of their own studies. The Sixth Form is a crucial point of transition to higher education, adult life and employment. The emphasis must be, therefore, on learning rather than on teaching, and on independent study and research. 

A Level teaching is very different to what you will have experienced so far in your school career. Students are able to study the subjects which really interest them. We aim to be as flexible as possible, providing a range of A Level subjects for study. We will also offer a programme of life skills to ensure students are prepared for life beyond school including a cookery course ready for life at university. Class sizes are small, which enable students to gain extensive personal attention from teachers who will both guide and encourage them throughout their studies. Academic study is enriched by attending conferences and study trips.

Personal Enrichment

Our aim is to allow all students in the Sixth Form to develop a sense of responsibility for their work, for their choice of activities, for their fellow students and for the wider world outside.
Academic development goes hand-in-hand with personal development and we place a high emphasis on developing the whole person, not just the academic mind. 

As young people approaching their independent adult life, our Sixth Formers are also asked to take on extra responsibilities in the school. These responsibilities are wide and varied. They may involve working closely with younger forms, arranging assemblies and charity work or running the School Council, for example. All students should leave the Sixth Form committed both to developing their own academic, creative or sporting abilities and to contributing to the wider society of which we are a part. 

We wish to develop a firm sense that we form a world-wide community and share responsibility for the welfare and happiness of all human beings.


Viewed as school leaders by the younger generations, being a Sixth Form student is a responsibility and a privilege.

All our Sixth Formers will have the chance to take responsibility and to motivate, persuade and lead others. They are expected to lead by example and to work with energy, enthusiasm, empathy, initiative and with integrity and reliability. There are many opportunities for leading and supporting younger members of the school and for making a contribution to the school and wider community.

Volunteering in the community

Many of our Sixth Form students are keen to employ their talents to contribute towards the benefit of others in our local and school community.

Many students grow in confidence as they see how they can make a positive contribution to the lives of others, they develop their interpersonal and communication skills helping people of all ages and backgrounds and possibly, most rewarding of all, they learn how enjoyable it can be to put others before themselves.

School Council

The School Council is a group elected by the students to support the interests and welfare of BIG’s student body. The purpose of the School Council is to ensure that student issues and concerns are discussed and included as part of the ongoing improvements and overall management of the School.